November 5 - 6, 2019 Woburn, MA USA
2019 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security

Technical Program Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7:00 AM

Continental Breakfast

8:00 - 9:30 AM Cyber Security 1: Cyber-Physical System Security 1 On the Feasibility of Generating Deception Environments for Industrial Control Systems Vincent Urias (SNL)*; William M. Stout (Sandia National Laboratories); Brian Van Leeuwen (SNL) The Economics of Critical Infrastructure Controls Systems' Cyber Security James E Lerums (Purdue University)* Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 1: Welcome & Introduction to Future of HADR Technology Responder Priorities for Technology Advancement Michelle Royal (FirstLink Research and Analytics)* Use of Computer Simulation Modeling to Reduce the Consequences of an Active Shooter Event in a Large Event Venue Patrick R Glass (Purdue Homeland Security Institute)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 1: Vessels & Cargo Binding Physical and Cyber World: A Blockchain Approach for Cargo Supply Chain Security Enhancement Lei Xu (University of Houston)*; Lin Chen (University of Houston); Zhimin  Gao (University of Houston); Yanling Chang (Texas A&M University);  Eleftherios  Iakovou (Texas A&M University); Weidong Shi (University of Houston) Case Study: Challenges in Homeland Security Operations in Argentina and Role of Emerging Technologies Pramud Rawat (Data Analysis and Simulation Services)* Maritime Border Security using Sensors, Processing, and Platforms to Detect Dark Vessels JRoss S Eaton (Charles River Analytics)*; Stan German (Charles River Analytics); Arjuna Balasuriya (Charles River Analytics) Biometrics & Forensics 1 Operational Tradeoffs of the 2018 Department of Homeland Security  Science and Technology Directorate Biometric Technology Rally Jacob Hasselgren (The Maryland Test Facilty)*; John J. Howard (Maryland Test Facility); Yevgeniv Sirotin (The Maryland Test Facility); Andrew Blanchard (Maryland Test Facility) Digital Witness: Remote Methods for Volunteering Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices Evan Stuart (Georgia Tech Research Institute)*; James Fairbanks (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Nigel Campbell (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Trevor J Goodyear (Georgia Tech Research Institute); Winston Messer (Georgia Tech Research Institute) Blockchain-enhanced Identities for Secured Interaction Dipto Chakravarty (Exostar, LLC); Tushar Deshpande (Stony Brook University)* 9:30 - 9:40

Welcome to HST 2018

Melissa Choi (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) James Flavin (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) 9:40 - 10:30

Plenary Speaker

Erin Coughlan de Perez, Manager of the climate science team at the Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre: adjunct associate research scientist at Columbia University 10:30 - 10:45

Technical Program Overview

Best Paper Awards

Gerald Larocque (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) Anthony Serino (Raytheon) 10:45 - 11:00


11:00 - 12:30 Cyber Security 2:  Machine Learning - Applications for Cyber Security MEADE: Towards a Malicious Email Attachment Detection Engine Ethan M Rudd (Sophos PLC)*; Richard Harang (Sophos PLC); Joshua Saxe (Sophos PLC) Active Deep Learning Attacks under Strict Rate Limitations for Online API Calls Yi Shi (Intelligent Automation, Inc.)*; Yalin Sagduyu (Intelligent Automation, Inc.); Kemal Davaslioglu (Intelligent Automation Inc.); Jason Li (Intelligent Automation, Inc.) NNIDS: Neural Network based Intrusion Detection System Hassan Hadi Latheeth Al-Maksousy (Old Dominion University)*; Michele C. Weigle (Old Dominion University) Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 2: Future of HADR Technology Technologies to Support Victims of Sexual Assault Lance Fiondella (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)*; Christian Ellis (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth) Global Shared Resilience – using 21st Century Technology for today’s disasters Peter l O’Dell (Swan Island Networks)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 2: Explosives Static Object Wi-Fi Imaging and Classifier Paul C. Proffitt (UMass Dartmouth)*; Honggang Wang (Univ of Massachusetts Dartmouth) Technical Review and Optimization of Walk-Through Metal Detector Processes Anthony Hustedt (Purdue University )*; Colby Craig (Purdue University ); Eric Dietz (Purdue University) 12:30 - 1:20


1:20 - 2:50 Cyber Security 3: Application Security Establishing Independent Audit Mechanisms for Database Management Systems Alexander Rasin (DePaul University)*; James M Wagner (DePaul University); Karen Heart (DePaul University); Jonathan Grier (Grier Forensics) Towards a Content-based Defense against Text DDoS in 9-1-1 Emergency Systems Omprakash Gnawali (University of Houston)*; Weidong Shi (University of Houston); Bal Krishna Bal; (University of Houston); Stephen Huang (University of Houston) Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 3: Situational Awareness Building Robust Risk Management as a Method of Situational Awareness at the Local Level Jennifer L Schneider (RIT)*; Carol Romanowski ( Rochester Institute of Technology); Sumita Mishra (Rochester Institute of Technology); Rajendra K Raj (Rochester Institute of Technology); Sarah A Dobie (Rochester Institute of Technology) Outreach to Define a Public Safety Communications Model For Broadband Cellular Video Andrew Weinert (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)*; Chris Budney (MIT Lincoln Laboratory) Cross-referencing Social Media and Public Surveillance Camera Data for Disaster Response Chittayong Surakitbanharn (Stanford University)*; Calvin Yau (Purdue University); Guizhen Wang (Purdue University); Aniesh Chawla (Purdue University); Yinuo Pan (Purdue University); Zhaoya Sun (Purdue University); Sam Yellin (Purdue Univeristy); David Ebert (Purdue University); Yung-Hsiang Lu (Purdue University); George Thiruvathukal (Loyola University Chicago) Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 3: Automated Data Processing Automatic Frame-Cut Detection for Self-Diagnostics of Video Surveillance Systems Arash Samani (Tufts University)*; Karen Panetta (Tufts University); Sos Agaian (USA); Wendy Wan (Tufts University) Human Detection in Infrared Imagery using Gradient and Texture Features and Superpixel Segmentation Theus H Aspiras (University of Dayton); Vijayan K Asari (University of Dayton)*; Hussin k Ragb (University of Dayton) Extracting Dialed Telephone Numbers from Unstructured Audio Steven Presser (Presser Software Surveillance and Technology)*; Michael Walsh (Presser Surveillance Solutions and Technologies) Biometrics & Forensics 3: OcularNet: Deep Patch-based Ocular Biometric Recognition Sai Narsi Reddy Donthi Reddy (University of Missouri - Kansas City)*; Ajita Rattani (University of Missouri - Kansas City); Prof. Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Multi-biometric Convolutional Neural Network for Ocular Recognition in Smartphones Ajita Rattani (University of Missouri - Kansas City)*; Sai Narsi Reddy Donthi Reddy (University of Missouri - Kansas City); Prof. Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City) 2:50 - 3:20


3:20 - 5:20 Cyber Security 4: Threat & Attack Modeling A Method of Threat Analysis for Cyber-Physical System using Vulnerability Databases Kazuo Takaragi (AIST)*; Yusuke Mishina (AIST); Katsuyuki Umezawa (Shonan Institute of Technology) Forecasting Cyberattacks as Time Series with Different Aggregation Granularity Gordon Werner (RIT)*; Ahmet Okutan (Rochester Institute of Technology); Shanchieh Yang (RIT); Katie McConky (RIT) Secure Software by Design Shimon Rothschild (University of Texas at Arlington)* Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 4: First Responders & Impacted Communities Providing First Responders with Real-time Status of Cellular Networks During a Disaster Clark Hochgraf (Rochester Institute of Technology)* Learnings of the Complete Power Grid Destruction in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria Melvin  Lugo-Alvarez (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez); Guillermo Lopez-Cardalda (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez); Sergio Mendez-Santacruz (University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez); Eduardo Ortiz (University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 4: Screening Estimating the Location of a Nuclear Source in a Three-Dimensional Environment Exhibiting Non-Homogeneous Attenuation Upasana Bhattacharyya (Clemson University)*; Carl Baum (Clemson University) Rapid Low-cost Detection of Persons Concealed in Containers, Compartments and Trucks Franklin Felber (Starmark, Inc.)* Extended Intruder Detection to Counter Advanced Underwater Threats in Ports and Harbors Franklin Felber (Starmark, Inc.)* Biometrics & Forensics 4: Person Re-Identification Using Overhead View Fisheye Lens Cameras Arko Barman (University of Houston)*; Wencheng Wu (University of Rochester); Robert Loce (Datto Inc.); Aaron Burry (MKS Instruments) User Re-Identification Using Clothing Information for Smartphones Duc Huy Hoang Nguyen (University of Missouri, Kansas City)*; Raghunath Puttagunta (University of Missouri, Kansas City); Zhu Li (University of Missouri, Kansas City); Prof. Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Keystroke Dynamics Based Authentication Using GFM Shantaram Vasikarla (California State University-Northridge)* 5:20



Welcome Reception, Exhibits and Poster Session Presentations

Cyber Security Posters Cybersecurity Technology Transfer to Practice: Creating a Network of Support Resources Angela Jordan (University of South Alabama); Alec Yasinsac (University of South Alabama)* Network Phenotyping for Network Traffic Classification and Anomaly Detection Minhui Zou (Chongqing University)*; Chengliang Wang (Chongqing University); Fangyu Li (University of Georgia); WenZhan Song (University of Georgia) Understanding Multi-lingual Threat Intelligence for AI based Cyber-defense Systems Priyanka Ranade (UMBC)*; Sudip Mittal (University of Maryland Baltimore County); Anupam Joshi (UMBC); Karuna Joshi (UMBC) Threat Analysis of the Security Credential Management System for Vehicular Communications Matthew D Furtado (UMASS Dartmouth)*; Robert Mushrall (Univ of Massachusetts Dartmouth); Hong Liu (Univ of Massachusetts Dartmouth) Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) Posters Using Discrete-Event Simulation to Increase the Efficiency of Point of Distribution Sites Patrick R Glass (Purdue Homeland Security Institute)* Machine Learning for Efficient Assessment and Prediction of Human Performance in Collaborative Learning Environments Pravin V Chopade (ACTNext ACT Inc)*; Alina vonDavier (ACTNext ACT Inc); Steve Polyak (ACTNext ACT Inc); Kurt  Peterschmidt (ACTNext ACT Inc); Michael Yudelson (ACTNext ACT Inc); Saad Khan (ACTNext ACT Inc) The IEEE MOVE Truck, a Disaster Response Vehicle Joseph Diepenbrock (SIRF Consultants, LLC)* Cyber Handyman and Nursing for Humanitarian Services and Disaster Relief Srikanth Jonnada (University of North Texas); Ram Dantu (University of North Texas); Ishan Ranasinghe (University of North Texas)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection Posters Aerial Border Surveillance for Search and Rescue Missions Using Eye Tracking Techniques Qianwen Wan (Tufts University)*; Arash  Samani  (Tufts University); Aleksandra  Kaszowskab (Tufts University); Karen Panetta (Tufts University); Sos Agaian (USA); Holly Taylor (Tufts University) Fair Authentic Acoustic Network Grouping Mark Lowney (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth); Hong Liu (Univ of Massachusetts Dartmouth)*; Eugene Chabot (Naval Undersea Warfare Center) Development of Dual energy container Inspection System for Harbor Security In Korea Byeongno Lee (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)*; Hyoungki Cha (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute); Moonsik Chae (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute); kyoungmin Oh (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) Technology for the Electric Transmission Grid – Critical Infrastructure Target and Homeland Security Opportunity John L Lauletta (Exacter, Inc.)*; Jose De Abreu-Garcia (University of Akron)