November 5 - 6, 2019 Woburn, MA USA
2019 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security

Technical Program Tuesday, November 5, 2019

7:00 AM

Registration Opens

8:00 AM

Open/ Networking Breakfast

9:30 AM

Welcome to HST 2019- Speaker: M. Choi/ J. Flavin

9:40 AM

Plenary Speaker 1

10:30 AM

Technical Program Overview- Speaker: G. Larocque/ A. Serino

Best Paper Awards- Speaker: G. Larocque/ A. Serino

10:45 AM


11:00 AM Cyber 1: Critical Infrastructure Protection Detecting Safety and Security Faults in PLC Systems with Data Provenance Abdullah Al. Farooq (The University of North Carolina, Charlotte)* Protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in Critical Infrastructure Data Using Differential Privacy Asma M Alnemari (Rochester Institute of Technology)*; Rajendra Raj (Rochester Institute of Technology); Carol Romanowski (Rochester Institute of Technology); Sumita Mishra (Rochester Institute of Technology) Detecting Sensors and Inferring their Correlations at Level-0 in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Kalyan Perumalla (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)*; Srikanth Yoginath (ORNL); Juan Lopez (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 1: Planning and Communication Multimodal, Multiuser Immersive Brainstorming and Scenario Planning for Intelligence Analysis Shannon Briggs (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)*; Matthew Peveler (Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute); Jaimie Drozdal (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Lilit Balagyozyan (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute); Michael Perrone (IBM Research); Hui Su (IBM Research) 5G or Wi-Fi for HA/DR in the 60 GHz Band Md Fahad Kabir (Georgia Southern University); Seungmo Kim (Georgia Southern University)* Proposal for Robust Person-to-Person Communications Cystem for Large-scale Emergency Displaced Population of People and Pets David H Parker (Parker Intellectual Property Enterprises, LLC)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 1: Vessels & Cargo A Graph-based Data Analysis of Industrial Control Systems Network Traffic Imani Palmer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)*; Shane McFly (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Using Deep Neural Networks to Address the Evolving Challenges of Concealed Threat Detection within Complex Electronic Items Neelanjan Bhowmik (Durham University)*; Yona Falinie A. Gaus (Durham University); Toby Breckon (Durham University) Detection of DDoS in SDN Environment Using Entropy-based Detection Tamer Omar (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)* Biometrics & Forensics 1- Reidentification and Event Recognition Characterizing the Utility of Surveillance Video for Person Re-Identification Haoyu Chen (Purdue University)*; Edward Delp (Purdue University); Amy R. Reibman (Purdue University) Biometric Fusion with Applications in Passenger Re-authentication for Automated Border Control Systems Duc Huy Hoang Nguyen (University of Missouri, Kansas City); Ajita Rattani (University of Missouri - Kansas City)*; Prof. Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Forensic Audio Analysis and Event Recognition for Smart Surveillance Systems Yusuf Ozkan (University of Bridgeport)*; Buket Barkana (University of Bridgeport) 12:30 PM

Lunch (12:15- 1:15)

1:20 PM Cyber 2: Model Driven Approaches Model-driven Deception for Control System Environments William Hofer (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)*; Thomas Edgar (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Draguna Vrabie (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Katy Nowak (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) Blockchain Model for Enhancing Aircraft Maintenance Records Security Ahrash Aleshi (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University); Remzi Seker (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University); Radu Babiceanu (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University)* Securing the Long-Chain of Cyber-Physical Global Communication Infrastructure Nazli Choucri (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)*; Gaurav Agarwal (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 2: Situational Awareness and Evacuation Towards a General-Purpose, Replicable, Swarm-Capable Unmanned Aircraft System Ross Arnold (US Army)*; Andrew Kopeikin (United States Military Academy); Christopher Korpela (USMA); benjamin a abruzzo (US Army) UAS Swarm Shares Survey Data to Expedite Coordinated Mapping of Radiation Hotspots Brian Savidge (United States Military Academy); Andrew Kopeikin (United States Military Academy)*; Ross Arnold (United States Military Academy); Dominic Larkin (United States Military Academy) Intelligent and Automated Emergency Evacuation of Populated Areas in an Event of Volcanic Activity Mais Nijim (Texas A&M university Kingsville)*; Hisham Albataineh (Texas A&M University Kingsville) Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 2: Autonomous Vehicles, BioSwimmers, and UAVs BIOSwimmer Search and Inspection for the Port of Charleston, S.C. Rachel Lamy (Boston Engineering)* Stevens Drone Detection Acoustic System and Experiments in Acoustics UAV Tracking Alexander Sedunov (Stevens Institute of Technology)*; Hady Salloum (Stevens Institute of Technology MSC); Alexander Sutin (Stevens Institute of Technology MSC); Nikolay Sedunov (Stevens Institute of Technology); Alexander Yakubovskiy (Stevens Institute of Technology) Attacks on Machine Learning: Adversarial Examples in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Prinkle Sharma (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth); David Austin (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth); Hong Liu (Univ of Massachusetts Dartmouth)* Biometrics & Forensics 2: Biometric ID Methods Using Transfer Learning and BPDFHE to Improve Ocular Image Recognition Accuracy Riddhiman Das (University of Missouri-Kansas City)*; Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Secure & Enhanced Atm with Biometric Authentication Bhuvaneshwari A J (Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology)*; R.Nanthithaa Shree (Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology) Cross-illumination Evaluation of Hand Crafted and Deep Features for Fusion of Selfie Face and Ocular Biometrics Leena Kondapi (University of Missouri- Kansas City)*; Prof. Reza Derakhshani (University of Missouri-Kansas City); Ajita Rattani (University of Missouri - Kansas City) 2:50 PM


3:20 PM Cyber 3: Embedded Systems Security Spectral Excitation of Integrated Circuits via Non-linear Time Reversed Electromagnetic Waves Jerry T Kim (The MITRE Corporation)*; Scott Dyer (The MITRE Corporation); Kyle Young (The MITRE Corporation) Extending Over-The-Air Libraries to Secure ESP8266 Updates Mauricio Papa (The University of Tulsa)*; Xinchi He (The University of Tulsa); Rose Gamble (University of Tulsa) Hardware Based Detection, Recovery, and Tamper Evident Concept to Protect from Control Flow Violations in Embedded Processing Patrick R DaSilva (Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport)* Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) 3: Social Media and Community Monitoring Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Governance through Social Media Jorge R Buenfil (US Army); Ross Arnold (US Army)*; benjamin a abruzzo (US Army); Christopher Korpela (United States Military Academy) Challenges and Opportunities in Utilizing IoT-Based Stress Maps as a Community Mood Detector Murat Yuksel (Univ of Central FL); Wei Wang (The City University of New York); Shafaq Chaudhry (Univ of Central FL)*; Damla Turgut (Univ of Central FL); Naim Kapucu (Univ of Central FL) Situational Awareness Enhanced through Social Media Analytics: A Survey of First Responders Luke S Snyder (Purdue University)* A Behavior-Based Population Tracker Can Parse Aggregate Measurements to Differentiate Agents Jason H Rife (Tufts University)* Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection 3: Image and Video Analytics Underwater Object Tracking Benchmark and Dataset Landry Kezebou (Tufts University)*; Victor Oludare (Tufts University); Karen Panetta (Tufts University); Sos Agaian (Tufts University) 3D Navigational Insight using Mixed Reality Technology Srijith Rajeev (Tufts University)*; Arash Samani (Tufts University); Karen Panetta (Tufts University); Sos Agaian (Tufts University) On-demand Forensic Video Analytics for Large-Scale Surveillance Systems Marianne DeAngelus (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)* Biometrics & Forensics 3: Assorted Topics A Comparative Evaluation of Local Feature Descriptors for DeepFakes Detection Zahid Akhtar (University of Memphis)*; Dipankar Dasgupta (University of Memphis) Multi-Dimensional Integrated Circuit For Water Security in Fish Farming Ponds Nazek El-Atab (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)*; Reema Suwaidan (Princess Nourah University); Yara Alghamdi (Princess Nourah University); Alhanouf Alhazzany (Princess Nourah University); Reema Almansour (Princess Nourah University); Sohail F. Shaikh (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology); Sherjeel Khan (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology); Muhammad M. Hussain (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology); Muhammad M. Hussain (University of California, Berkeley) Towards Sound Reasoning of Computer Evidence Imani N Palmer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)*; Shane McFly (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Family Biometrics: Similar But Different Rachel Stange (Lord Fairfax Community College)* 5:20 PM

Welcome Reception, Exhibits, and Poster Session Presentations

Cyber Posters Translation of Process Safety to Cyber Incidents within The Emergency Management Arc Jennifer L Schneider (Rochester Institute of Technology)*; Sumita Mishra (Rochester Institute of Technology); Carol Romanowski (Rochester Institute of Technology); Sarah Dobie (Rochester Institute of Technology) Threat analyses using vulnerability databases - Possibility of utilizing past analysis results Katsuyuki Umezawa (Shonan Institute of Technology)*; Yusuke Mishina (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology); Kazuo Takaragi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) Land/Maritime Borders & Critical Infrastructure Protection Posters Enhanced SNM identification with ScintiClear detectors Ivan Khodyuk (CapeSym, Inc.)* Identification of Critical Airports from The Perspective of Delay and Disruption Propagation in Air Travel Networks Arun V Sathanur (Pacific Northwest National Labs)*; Mahantesh Halappanavar (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Samrat Chatterjee (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Auroop Ganguly (Northeastern University); Kevin Clark (VOLPE National Transportation Systems) End to End V2I/I2V Secured Communications Platform Tamer Omar (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)*; Melvin Hayes (Indiana State University) On the use of Deep Learning for the Detection of Firearms in X-ray Baggage Security Imagery Yona Falinie A. Gaus (Durham University)*; Neelanjan Bhowmik (Durham University); Toby Breckon  (Durham University) Automated Damage Assessment of Critical Infrastructure Using Online Mapping Technique with Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Zhong Mao (Northeastern University)*; Taskin Padir (Northeastern University); Yujie Yan (Northeastern university); Jiahao Wu (northeastern university); Jerome Hajjar (Northeastern university)